Shopping to Help Kids in Need

Back-to-School Shopping Spree 2012

Story by: Vice President of Membership Amy Beischel 

Fifty-two kids plodded eagerly off the bus on Saturday morning, August 18, 2012, to shop for new back-to-school clothes. Boys and girls from four local elementary schools- Sun Valley, Glen Duncan, Sierra Vista, and Smithridge- lined up at the Damonte Ranch Kohl’s to meet their volunteer shoppers.

Baskets in hand, both students and volunteers searched the racks looking for the perfect school uniform.  Slacks, belts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, and shoes were a few of the items purchased.  With a $100 budget, the boys and girls filled their baskets not only with clothes, but with their smiles.  So grateful for the new items students felt like it was Christmas in August.  After a scouring through the clothing racks, students were given a backpack with school supplies at check out; but what really ended the shopping spree well was the Doughboy Donuts and juice they received when it was all over.

So with tummies and shopping bags full, the students waved a massive thanks to all the volunteers who helped make their start to the new school year a success.  All of this bliss would not have been possible without the help of our shopping spree sponsors: Doughboy Donuts and Kohl’s. Serving fifty-two kids is a great way to start the day; how did you start yours?

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