2013 Welcome from New President: Amy Beischel


Message from the New President

As new president for the Active 20-30 Club of Reno, 2013-2014 term, I am honored and excited.  Our past President, Ivanna Kinash, diligently served our club and I intend follow her lead and do the same.  Ivanna will still serve in our club as a board member, treasurer, and will mentor me throughout my presidency. I  am also looking forward to working with our exceptional board members and club members  to further the growth and development of our club, making us stronger in the Reno community.

I ardently believe in the National Active 20-30 Club’s motto and slogan, “Youth, to be served, must serve” and “A man never stands so tall as when he kneels to help a child”;  therefore, as president,  I intend to see that our club continues to serve the youth in our community, reaching out to those who are truly in need.

As president, along with the board and members, we will also concentrate on membership growth, so we can bind together and serve the community to a greater capacity.  As a small club, growth is essential and therefore partnering with other organizations is a strategic plan as well.  The more we can reach out into the community, the more we can serve the youth.


Amy Beischel

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